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Defy Aging,
Democratize Health.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Decentralization Meets AI.
The Model
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Empower your health decisions with Deathless' unique AI aging clock, harnessing blood tests and wearable tech for essential insights.

The App

Healome's dashboard brings your health data to life, unlocking crucial insights. Coupled with our advanced, research-backed language model, we provide an unrivaled user experience.

The Discord

This is our hub for innovation: launching features, debating enhancements, and shaping the future together. Our DAO and community thrive here.

Who are we

How it works

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Set up your profile, order blood tests, and upload the results. Sync your wearables, and unlock your Biological Age instantly.


Take control with Healome: Effortlessly track aging factors and boost your health. Experience the synergy of AI, decentralization, and advanced learning with LongevityGPT - empowering you to democratize your healthcare journey.

How it works
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Konstantin Deyev, Founder of Deathless

"Empower yourself.  Reclaim your health data."

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Tel: 832-600-9098

24359 La Masina Ct

Calabasas, CA 91302

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