Welcome to DeathlessDAO.

The first Decentralized Autonomous Organization focused on radically extending human healthspan.

A web3 longevity company powered by data and community.

We are a community of like-minded and determined individuals, with the end goal of accelerating the pace of innovation across all longevity domains: biological age clocks, bioelectricity, nutrition, and more. We aim to give humanity permission-less ownership on indefinite healthspan.

Decentralized Community Research

The DAO is pioneering the world's largest decentralized research trial for determining biomarkers in the body that point towards increased or decreased biological aging.  

Built on Ethereum

Ethereum powers decentralized applications, ERC-20 tokens, smart contracts, peer-to-peer, and helps power the blockchain ecosystem 

Effective token allocation

Members within the community that provide valuable health data, which aids in training machine learning models and AI, receive token-based utilities and DAO benefits. The token distribution is eventually spread across the community and to members that contribute data and show decreasing biological age & risk scores over time.

Community-driven MVC's

We're bringing together the anti-aging and web3 community into a giant supercluster to engender new conversations, cross-pollinate ideas and evangelize innovation.

"The last enemy that shall be destroyed is Death.

We're generating value through tokenomics & data aggregation, which helps power the DAO's sustainable business model. Through our treasury, we will be greenlighting some of the most promising longevity-tech in development while building premier community incentives.

Our Partners

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Become a part of a vibrant community of bio-hackers and longevity evangelists who seek to extend human heath + lifespan.

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